Food and Beating Acne

Food has the power to affect our bodies in very positive or sometimes negative ways. With so much conflicting information, trends and fads it is really hard to find the right fit with our own personal nutrition. Our skin is our largest organ and part of our excretory system so when things are not functioning properly
You’ve finally found the holy grail of skincare – natural skincare products! These beautifully packaged, so called “natural skincare” butters and oils promise to take you to skincare nirvana. But after a few weeks use your skin is still kinda feeling the same. Mildly better, but it’s not rocking your world. What went wrong? So
The Verdict It doesn’t look like much from the street, but wander up the stairs to Belinda Hughes’ new South Yarra skin clinic and you suddenly find yourself in a timber-floored Zen palace. The white-washed walls, leafy outlook windows, and a soothing meditation soundtrack massages its way into your brain. It’s the latest bricks and

Stop Wasting Money on Skincare!

Why would a beauty therapist tell you to stop buying skincare?! Almost every client that comes to me tells me how they have a cupboard full of stuff they barely use or alternate and are frustrated with how their skin not improving. Because of this wasted money they also feel reluctant to purchase more product,
We’re Matcha mad here at Melbourne Girl. We’ve been known to sip on a Matcha latte, enjoy a Matcha breakfast bowl, nosh on a Matcha bar and even indulge in a Matcha burger but this week We trialled the magical green tea powder in a completely new way; a Matcha facial! Natural Beauty Expert, Belinda

Why Do I Need A Facial?

Everyone’s heard of professional facial treatments. But what does a facial actually do? Are they worth it? Will you end up having a Samantha experience (SATC style)? In the hands of an experienced professional they are necessary, non-invasive and totally worth it. Let me explain how. Deep Cleanse Even being religious with your routine isn’t