About Eminence

Eminence use only the healthiest ingredients, without any harmful chemicals or additives, chosen to give premium results to all skin types. Founded in 1958 in Hungary, Eminence believe in a holistic approach to skin care and health. They feel passionate about sharing their quality products with you.

Eminence ingredients are grown organically in Hungary, and have been chosen for their beautifying and skin-loving properties. Natural ingredients are potent and they give beautiful lasting results for a clear, balanced, revitalised, and naturally glowing complexion.

By choosing Eminence you join the fight against global warming. Their commitment to keeping the planet green crosses over all aspects of the company. From farming, harvest, green packaging, to getting the products to you, the environmental impact has been addressed at every step.

Eminence addresses a variety of skin concerns such as the appearance of ageing, wrinkling and blemishes, loss of vitality, tone and radiance. The answers come from nature with ingredients that are good enough to eat. Let the aromas caress your senses and the ingredients impart a healthy glow of beauty to your skin.

Choosing the correct products for your skin type can seem a daunting task. Your local Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic expert can help you choose the products which suit your skin type. No matter if your skin is dry, normal, and combination, sensitive or oily. The Belinda Hughes team can also recommend how to use specialised Eminence home care products to address skin concerns such as lack of firmness, breakouts or severe dryness.

Come and experience what Hungarian beauties and international celebrities of all ages have known for over half a century: you can have beautiful skin and keep it beautiful. It’s as simple as having regular facials, maintaining a healthy diet and using natural skin care containing organic ingredients.

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