Roccoco Botanicals

The Roccoco Botanicals Story

Roccoco Botanicals has been formulated with the aim of providing quality skin care that is safe for hyper-sensitive and acne skins. Roccoco Botanicals shines in the treatment of acne and sensitive skin conditions.

The products have been formulated to have a stronger focus on being safe for allergies than it does on being purely natural. Natural ingredients are always strongly preferred in products. Unfortunately there are several natural ingredients that can often create rashes and sensitivities in those who are prone to it. The founder and her children suffer from severe acne and also allergies. Roccoco Botanicals has been formulated with this in mind.

Roccoco Botanicals are one of the few natural beauty focused brands that do not believe in peeling the skin. Peeling the skin can cause it to be stressed and inflamed. Ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide are particularly aggressive on the skin. Instead, certain plants that are known for their skin soothing properties are used to help the skin to become stronger and healthier. Roccoco Botanicals prefers to follow a corneotherapy philosophy. This gentle approach to the skin reduces thinning of the skin and damage to the acid mantle.

Roccoco Botanicals clinic protocols focus on keeping the skin barrier intact with the selective use of actives.

The skin is exfoliated gently with enzymes which have the benefit of not harming living tissue. They only work on the skin cells that are no longer required. Home care products are also focused on keeping the skin strong while achieving results for skin conditions through the powerful use of herbs. These herbs treat, correct and strengthen skin which has been weakened due to conditions like acne and rosacea.