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Dump The Chemicals

Dump The Chemicals

So you’ve been doing healthy living for a while now and have decided to take the step and clean up your personal care as well.

It can be tricky and over whelming on where to start, especially with the minefield of ‘green washed’ products out there.

Here are some tips to get you started:


Start by doing some research. There are plenty of online natural beauty retailers where you can start reading advice and looking up multiple brands in the one location. These online stores also offer filters by skin type and condition so you can start to get to know which brands and products may work best for your skin. There are also some natural beauty stores staring to pop up, and health food stores are offering more and more sophisticated natural beauty brands and can give advice as well.


Talk to people in the stores that stock these brands. They can give you more in depth-personalized information face to face. Some online stores also offer an online chat service for any questions you may have.


Most stores will offer sample packs or individual samples. This will give you a feel for the product before you commit to buying. Some brands offer starter sets as well for certain skin types. This will give you at least a few weeks of trailing the brand without committing to full size purchases and give you a great sense of how the product behaves on your skin over time.

Professional Advice

If everything seems a little over whelming a lot of beauty therapy salons now that stock natural and organic products. Here you will get professional advice from a skin specialist who has looked at your skin. A professional therapist will be able to tell you exactly what is good for your skin through thorough consultation. Taking out the guesswork and trial and error in purchasing.


Once you have familiarized yourself with the market now is the time to choose the products that resonated with you the most. There are enough online stores out there so you get the best shopping experience. Prices may not vary between them for the same products, but look for extras like free samples or free shipping, or even a % off your first order for becoming one of their customers.


After a few months your products will be running low and you’ll be ready to re-stock. If you chose something that didn’t perform as well as you had hoped now is the time to choose something a bit different. There are usually lots of brands offering very similar products for the same skin type so you will be more than spoilt for choice and can enjoy lots of variety in your skincare routine.

Try Again

The continual experience of trying and sampling different products will give you a clear idea about which product suits your skin best. You will end up with your favourites and regularly change the rest through sampling and testing. Sound like fun? It is! Happy shopping!

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