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Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin

Eat Your Way To Glowing Skin

Beauty comes from the inside; a great organic skincare routine backs it up.

Skin nutrition 101:

You will notice the abundance of omega 3 rich foods, anti-bacteria and nutrient dense foods. Our cells are made up of fatty tissue to keep cells plump and healthy, this is exactly what you want for healthy skin leading to reduced wrinkle depth and healthy skin tone.

Here are my 10 beauty food essentials (I eat most of these foods daily or weekly) for glowing skin.

Fatty Fish

Omega3s are essential fatty acids that protect your skin cell membranes. They make your fatty layer under your skin firm and plump, which reduces lines depth. The best fatty fish are salmon, mackerel, sardines and anchovies.


Full of essential fatty acids again to maintain skin elasticity and collagen production, keeping skin hydrated and firm. Coconut water is full of electrolytes, which boosts hydration levels.


Rich in Omega 3s (see a theme here) avocados have all the plumping effects for the skin. The oil in a face blend has vitamins A, D and E, which are the building blocks for the skin as well as helping to even out skin tone.  They’re also a great hormonal balancing food if you have adult acne.


One of eggs key nutrients is sulfur, which helps everything from liver function to vitamin B absorption. Sulfur is also necessary for the production of collagen and keratin, which help create and maintain shiny hair, strong nails and glowing skin.


Truly one of nature’s best medicines, garlic also helps prevent breakouts and maintain clear skin. To make the most of its naturally antibiotic compounds, it’s best to crush or chop garlic and leave it on the cutting board for a few minutes before cooking.


Tomatoes contain a phytochemical called lycopene. It boost colleen levels in the skin and helps the skin protect itself from UV damage. Full of vitamin C they help revive dull, tired, skin and help prevent acne.


Full of vitamin C and an enzyme called bromelain, pineapple is a great skin softener. It helps the body produce collagen and the amino acids assist which aid in cell and tissue repair for a youthful appearance.


Very high in zinc they are a hair and skin super food which help the growth and function of skin cells. Half a dozen oysters will give you 500% of your daily requirement.


High in Omega3 and 6 fatty acids they help the body retain moisture. The protein component helps boost hair making it fuller and stronger.


Not just good for your muscles, spinach is a major anti ager. Rich in Beta-carotene it converts to a powerful vitamin A. This is crucial to maintain proper moisture retention to the epidermis, helping to prevent wrinkles and remove dead skin. For maximum absorption pair it with a vitamin C like lemon. A squeeze over your salad will help you reap maximum benefits.

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