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Effective Skin Treatments

Effective Skin Treatments

I am back after what feels like most the year! In the rush for re-booking beauty treatments or ‘catching up for lost beauty time’ I’ve noticed a trend in requests for more invasive treatments. Treatments like microdermabrasion and skin needling. Asking people why they are seeking out these treatments I find a general trend in opinion that anything short of abrasive or needle treatments are a waste of time. This is your reminder that that is absolutely not true.

As a skin therapist who has been staring at skin for over 15 years, treatments that don’t wreck havoc on your delicate acid mantle consistently yield far better results in the long run. Trading inflammation for a quick fix will catch up with skin and often start to reverse the results you’re seeking.  Pigmentation will come back with a vengeance, your skin will suddenly be sensitive to ‘everything’ and those fine lines will make a re-appearance. Don’t get me wrong, treatments like skin needling have their place especially for scar revision, but they are not an everyday beauty treatment. Don’t even get me started on therapists that draw blood. At the clinic we have a talented surgical nurse that performs these treatments, and the benefits are, she is highly trained, has better numbing cream (bonus!) and can look after your health while performing a more invasive treatment.

My point is, the whole point of skincare and treatments is to REDUCE inflammation in the skin, not increase it. Inflammation is whole root of skin conditions we’re trying to fix, balanced happy skin doesn’t breakout, flush or age as quickly. It also heals better when things go wrong. The key to younger looking skin is sustainable care for your skin. Skin treatments that add value to the skin like LED or microcurrent, intense ampules infused that deliver vitamins to treat conditions we’re combating. I guarantee you will have much better skin in the long run if you step away from abrasive treatments that trash your acid mantle.

Repeat after me – stronger is not better

My tips for getting and keeping amazing skin;

Find a skin expert who will discuss your concerns and do a thorough skin consultation, including lifestyle and diet.

Get a treatment plan and home care plan – 70% of skincare is home care!

Be consistent with your monthly skin treatments, this is important for ongoing care and tweaking of your skincare as we improve your skin.

Do your skincare routine morning and night, that’s where the gold is.

Adjust supplements and lifestyle factors to keep your body in optimal health for glowing skin inside and out!