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Facial in Ulladulla

facials in ulladulla

They say a change of scenery is as good as a holiday, and offering facial in Ulladulla is kind of both. This idyllic coastal town is surrounded with beautiful mountains and coastline, which draws holiday makers from Sydney and Canberra regularly. I grew up here and coming back as an adult is a very different change to the city, I love both. Having the opportunity to live between the two is an excellent opportunity for a major lifestyle change and getting the best of both worlds.

Moving to a place surrounded in natural beauty was an easy choice to open my natural beauty salon concept here. Offering unique treatments in a regional area, performing facial in Ulladulla offers the area variety that fits in perfectly with the easy load back lifestyle.

Because I choose natural and mostly Australian brands it reflects the spirit of the area as well as an extra element of sustainability and totally biodegradable products which is a win for our environment.

I choose natural and non inflammatory treatments and products to get long term sustainable results in the skin. I like to call it ‘building healthy skin for life’. Sure, it’s easy to go get a quick fix with a laser or invasive peel but I guarantee your skin will experience bounce back, reverting back to the condition you were trying to treat in the first place.

So what gets the results? Building the skin up and treating it like the living organ it is instead of an outer shell that needs to be blasted and bullied into line. Modalities like Gua Sha, LED, Micro Current and Vitamin A infusions do just this. They work with the tissue under the skin to lift and contour as well as put back into the skin to feed and nourish. Hydrated skin is happy skin! Using ampules to give an infusion of powerful ingredients, creamy organic masks to massage with and sustainable enzymes to gently lift dead skin and brighten skin is able to breathe and glow.

Partnering with some of the best brands in Australia for facial care as well as wellness products for good gut health we can help you achieve your skin goals. Some of our favourite Australian beauty brands offered with facials in Ulladulla are Organic Spa, Simple As That, Eco Tan, Vita-Sol and Byron Bay Skincare.

So come and say hi, you can shop on the shop floor or book one of our facial treatments here. I’m also working on a special spa style menu, coming soon. I can’t wait to meet you!

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