Facial Skin Treatments

Our Philosophy

The Belinda Hughes team are changing the face of beautiful, healthy skin. We have an extensive understanding of what skin needs and provide a highly customised approach to each individual client in our facials. Following our mantra of building healthy skin for life, we are not about quick fixes but creating daily rituals that can outlast any unbalanced day.

Our new menu is designed to keep you safe within industry and government COVID guidelines, giving you maximum results in a safe time frame.

Read our COVID compliance here.

All new clients will need to complete our online consultation form and have a brief video consultation via Zoom or Facetime prior to first appointment.

Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic facials & beauty treatments room

Initial Consultation & Facial

If you're new to Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic, you'll need to start with our initial consultation & facial. Before you attend the clinic one of our expert beauty artists will assess your skin via a call or Zoom consultation and provide recommendations to guide you in the beginning of your skin journey.

A facial suited to your needs will be chosen during our discussion and booked in for you.

During your clinic visit, your beauty artist will leave you with a fully tailored skin care plan to take home to incorporate into your daily rituals.

Read here how long it takes to see changes in your skin.

15 min call + 45 min facial for $199.

Please note: Full payment must be made upon booking if you are a new client to our clinic. All new clients are required to attend their initial consultation discussion prior to their facial or the appointment will be cancelled. A $50 cancellation fee is payable for no shows or failing to attend the initial consultation discussion.

Professional Treatments


Our new Celluma LED device is quite unlike any other low-level light therapy device available today. It is widely used by chiropractors, acupuncturists, wellness practitioners and skin specialists to treat a variety of musculoskeletal and skin conditions.

Based on scientific research pioneered by NASA, the Celluma is a specialised light energy device FDA Cleared to treat: Diminished Local Blood Circulation, Muscle & Joint Stiffness, Muscle Tissue Tension, Muscle & Joint Pain, Muscle Spasm, Arthritis, Wrinkles and Inflammatory Acne Vulgaris. Celluma is also CE Certified in the European Union as a Dermal Wound Healing device.

Read more about our LED device here.

LED + Microcurrent – Light & Lift

A luminous lift, leaving your skin firm and glowing.

Your skin is cleansed and gently buffed before you relax under the Celluma LED for 20 mins. This is designed to maximise ATP production in the skin stimulating collagen and elastin production.

This is followed by a full-face micro current treatment with one of our specialised ampoules to suit your skin concerns. Your beauty artist will perform our signature massage before finishing with your serum and moisturiser.

50 min treatment $199

LED Facial (LED + Light Peel)

After a thorough cleanse, skin is prepped with a light peel suited to your skins needs. The treatment is finished with a session under our Celluma LED device.

The LED is set for your skin type either red for rejuvenation or blue to kill the p.acne bacteria. Finished with your personalised serums and moisturisers.

45 min treatment $149

LED Lounge

Your skin is cleansed before spending 30 luxurious minutes under our Celluma LED device.  Red light is for ageing and wound healing, blue light is for acne, and infrared for anti-inflammatory treatment.

30 min treatment $79

Add a 20 min session onto any facial $39

Microcurrent & Gua Sha

A Microcurrent device gently waves move through the skin tissue down to the muscles, stimulating ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. This production drives creation of elastin and collagen to repair skin. When the ATP is increased in the skin it energises the muscle, giving a lifted, firmed appearance.

Read more about our Microcurrent here.

Add a Microcurrent treatment onto any of our facials for $39

Gua Sha is beneficial to the skin for smoothing out fine lines, inflammation and ‘lifting’. The genuine Chinese Jade roller that is used in the clinic also has the benefit of a perceived brightening effect.

Gua Sha helps to calm and even out your complexion, and make it noticeably less puffy, defining your cheekbones, jawline, and brows. The massaging movement (known traditionally as ‘scraping’ ) and jade properties can enhance circulation, de-puff the eye area, and improve skin elasticity. Facial Glow Sha promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxifying, promoting a hydrated and tight complexion.

Read more about Gua Sha here.

Gua Sha Lift + Microcurrent - The Ultimate Skin Lift

Perfect for skin that needs a lift, Gua Sha followed by Microcurrent is the ideal pro-aging treatment for both mature and dry skin. Start your ultimate skin detox with a Jade Gua Sha lifting facial.

This holistic, natural face-lift will leave your skin firm and glowing. The Gua Sha facial begins with a deep cleanse and skin buff using a light enzyme exfoliation. This prepares your skin for the Gua Sha to work to its full potential, clearing the tissue of any blockages.

Next, the Gua Sha is combined with a 24k Gold Mohi Everlasting Facial Elixir. As it glides over your skin, both work together to hydrate, clarify and plump. The Gua Sha Lift is accompanied by a Microcurrent Treatment to lift and firm the skin. Finished with our signature firming massage and your tailored serums and moistuisers.

50 min treatment $199

Please note: this treatment goes into the scalp over the hairline. It is also not suitable for skin with active acne.

Detox + Lift - Our Hollywood Facial Re-Imagined

This stimulating treatment combines the signature Eminence Fire and Ice facial and Microcurrent to oxygenate and firm skin from the inside out.

The facial begins by flushing out the skin with a hot exfoliation mask. Then, further calming and hydrating masks are applied to soothe the skin, leaving it firm and hydrated.This signature Eminence treatment is loved all over the world. Your beauty artist will apply fruit enzymes to suit your skin before layering a hot paprika mask over the top. This stimulates your natural blood flow to the surface of the skin for a powerful skin detox.

Warning - HOT! Fruit-based gel masks then feed your skin as your beauty artist performs Microcurrent to firm and lift muscles in the skin. Our signature firming massage leaves you feeling clear and refreshed. Finished with nourishing serums and moisturisers.

50 min treatment $189

Microcurrent Lift Plus

Stimulate your skins natural tightening and collagen-building functions with this advanced all-rounder facial for all skin types with ageing concerns.

In this treatment, your skin is cleansed and buffed before antioxidant-packed serums are infused with our Microcurrent device. This is followed by our signature firming face massage.

The procedure is then finished with serums and moisturisers to leave your skin firm and glowing. Re-educate your face muscles for firmer, younger skin.

40 min treatment $149

Gua Sha Lift + Facial Massage

The ultimate express wellness facial lifting treatment, Gua Sha lifts and brightens the skin. A stimulating massage follows, designed for skin the needs detoxification and hydration.

The Gua Sha facial begins with a deep cleanse using a light enzyme exfoliation. This prepares your skin for the Gua Sha to work to its full potential, clearing the tissue of any blockages.

Next, the Gua Sha is combined with a 24k Gold Mohi Everlasting Facial Elixir. As it glides over your skin, both work together to hydrate, clarify and plump. Your treatment is finished off with our signature lifting massage with an organic cream mask and natural skincare treatment to suit your skin type.

30 min treatment $99

Vitamin A Infusion

Osmosis Pure Infusion Medifacial

The first non-acid peel in the skincare industry that creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity as well as significant stimulation in collagen production.

The Osmosis Pure Infusion Medifacial gently resurfaces the epidermis by feeding the dermis layer to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for any skin type or skin condition.

The liposomal delivery contains a potent 2.5% Retinaldehyde, 1,3 Beta Glucan, Niacinimide and Willow Herb. These calming, antibacterial and dermal remodelling ingredients offer the most effective peel on the market.

A first of its kind facial infusion that is gentle and the results are significant. The Pure Infusion Medifacial targets all conditions including ageing, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmented and photo-damaged skin. 

This treatment:

  • Creates a substantial increase in fibroblast activity and collagen production without causing trauma
  • Thickens the dermis (the layer of skin where aging occurs)
  • Reduces the overproduction of sebum resulting in normalised oil output
  • Reduces fine lines, improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Restores capillary flow and increases nutrition in the skin
  • Lifts hyper-pigmentation
  • Heals red or inflamed spots on the skin

Read more about Osmosis Retinaldehyde here.

Please note: you must be using an Osmosis Retinaldehyde serum for at least a week before this infusion. Treatment can be performed monthly.

45 min treatment $179

Customised Facials

The Acne Facial

This LED facial is designed for all acne sufferers and all degrees of acne.

After a deep clean an enzyme exfoliation is chosen to suit your skin. To help the skin deep clean a desincrust gel is applied and actived with sonophoresis. This is followed by 20mins of blue LED light to kill bacteria in the skin. Our specialist acne ampule is then infused, soothing for acne breakouts and post acne pigmentation, treating and re-balancing skin.

The treatment is then finished with a vitamin-packed mask to help create healthy skin and leave you glowing.

50 min treatment $159

Customised Facial

One of the best facials designed for you on the day to suit your needs. 

The treatment begins with a deep clean and enzyme exfoliation that is packed with antioxidants to clear away any built-up oil and dirt. Depending on yout skin type a deep clean desincrust will be performed or a stimulating facial massage. Your expert beauty artist will then choose an infusion serum from our range that will achieve the best results for your skin, infused with our sonophoesis spatula.

The treatment is then finished with a vitamin-packed mask to help create healthy skin.

45 min treatment $149

Express Enzyme Peels

The perfect lunchtime exfoliation, leaving skin totally smooth and clear - with no downtime.

We have a variety of peels that your natural beauty artist will choose from to suit your skin on the day. Choose from The Arctic Berry Peel for more dull, sensitive skin, Salicylic Acid Peel 15% for acne prone skin or the Lactic Enzyme for sluggish, aging skin.

Add LED before your peel to activate your skin for just $39.

20 min treatment $110

Teen Facial

We understand what young skin needs. In just half an hour using gentle enzymes, we can give your teen a deep clean without disrupting their delicate skin barrier.

Perfect for pre-teens and teens of all ages, this 30-minute solution gets results fast! A cleanse and enzyme (that is not too harsh on young skins) is finished with an antioxidant vitamin infusion that clears skin as needed. Designed as a treatment between their at-home skincare routine.

30 min treatment $89

Back Treatment

Organic Back Detox

Experience the ultimate back treatment from the team at Belinda Hughes. This is more than just an exfoliation, it's a complete detox experience that leaves you glowing. Your Beauty Artist begins by performing a dry body brush to remove dead skin, before applying a hot Hungarian mud to detox stagnate tissue. The experience is finished with a massage in coconut firming body lotion to nourish and leave your skin firm, clear, and glowing.

30 min treatment $109

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Treatment

Much more than just a regular eye treatment, this procedure nourishes, lifts, and firms the eye area. Your beauty artist will start by performing a full face cleanse and micro current treatment to remove excess build up of dirt, oils and makeup. This is then followed by a lymphatic drainage around the eye area to reduce puffiness before finishing with a nourishing, all natural mask that will lock vitamins and hydrate the skin.

20 min treatment $69

Or add to any facial $29

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of beauty that can only come from a treatment using all natural skin care products. A Belinda Hughes gift voucher can be used on any combination of facials, beauty treatments or, natural, organic or vegan friendly skin care products.

Online Skin Consultation

We are now offering free skin chats!

An Online Skin Consultation with Belinda Hughes Skin Clinic is perfect for anyone who can't make it in to the clinic or, is simply seeking advice on natural and organic skincare products. If you don't where to start, an online skin consultation will take the guesswork out of how to best look after your skin.

The consultation will also give you access to a range of professional beauty products recommended by Belinda. These are professional products and not available at your local grocery store or chemist - only through a qualified beauty therapist.