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Food and Beating Acne

Food can effect acne

Food has the power to affect our bodies in very positive or sometimes negative ways. With so much conflicting information, trends and fads it is really hard to find the right fit with our own personal nutrition. Our skin is our largest organ and part of our excretory system so when things are not functioning properly it reacts, most commonly with acne.

At the clinic I’m a huge advocate of ‘one size does not fit all’ and often refer clients to my network of practitioners around Melbourne for everything from food allergy testing to good old acupuncture. Acne is a particularly tricky skin condition we treat a lot of in the clinic. Clients are often already under the care of health practitioners for other health conditions. As a result, they already have the basics of a great clean diet with minimal to no sugar, junk food and any food groups they have diagnosed sensitivities to like gluten or dairy. But sometimes there’s apiece missing. I see the frustration, I council clients through the process of clearing acne over 6 months or longer.

We stock the best products on the market to treat it topically as well as a Chinese Medicine supplement Zilch Acne. What I have recently learnt though is there are definitely some foods and herbs that trigger receptors in the skin, which cause acne flare-ups. If you are struggling I would urge you to get allergy tested, but this is a go-to list to get you started.

Foods that commonly trigger acne

  • Milk
  • Wheat grass
  • B1, B6, B12
  • Whey protein
  • Cocoa – sorry to break your heart, this includes raw cacao which is often a health food favourite treat
  • Iodine

Be sure to double check multi-vitamin supplements for the B Vitamins and Iodine.

Foods that are good for treating acne

  • Green tea
  • Brown rice or pea protein – double check your protein powders
  • Probiotics
  • Zinc
  • Fish oil
  • Nicazel – click the link for more information on this supplement

If you’re looking for answers to your stubborn acne, book an Initial Consultation Facial with Belinda for professional advice, or get in touch with us for a chat.