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Essential Spray Tan Tips

Essential Spray Tan Tips

Spring is here, that means warmer weather, the beginning of party season and spring racing carnival.

A tan finishes your outfit, helps the skin to look healthy and boost confidence ten-fold.

To get the most from your tan experience, here are our essential suggestions.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation:

It’s important to prepare your skin before a tan. Make sure you exfoliate about 24 hours before your appointment so your skin is smooth when you tan, but not raw from just scrubbing.

The best tools for this are:

  • An exfoliating mitt
  • Body scrub
  • Dry body brushing

Hair removal must also be done 24 hours before your appointment, especially if you’re waxing. The hair follicles need time to close before you get your tan so you don’t end up looking spotty.

If you have done all your prep the day before you can moisturize your skin to make it soft that evening before your morning shower the day of your appointment.

Do not moisturize the day of your tan; it will prevent it adhering to your skin as well. Simply towel dry and go. If you’re already exfoliated and prepped from the night before you shouldn’t be dry and scaly.

Don’t wear deodorant to your appointment, as it will make the tan go green under your arms and patchy.

Tanning appointment:

Wear dark loose clothing to your appointment to avoid rubbing off the new tan and getting stains on lighter clothing. To avoid tan lines wear a g-string, but often you will be supplied with disposable underwear.

Your tanner will tell you how long you need to wait before you can shower, and possibly recommend after care products to pro long your tan.

PRO TIP: We are loving our all natural 1 hour tan! Customise your colour by letting it develop between 1-3 hours, never sleep in tan again!

Home care:

Proper home care is key to making your tan last.

  • Avoid any contact with water until you can shower off your tan
  • Avoid activates that can cause excessive sweating 12 hours after your tan so you don’t sweat it off
  • Avoid chlorinated pools and hot baths for 12 hours after your tan
  • If you’re going on holidays and will be swimming use a tan extender
  • 12 hours after your tan moisturize with a natural moisturizer daily to extend the life of your tan
  • Avoid spraying perfume before you rinse off your tan
  • After showering gently pat your skin dry instead of vigorously rubbing
  • Your tan does not contain an spf so if you are out in the sun still wear sunscreen and sun protection
  • When your tan begins to wear off it may look patchy, gently exfoliating those areas with a mitt will help the tan fade evenly. Do a vigorous exfoliation the day you are ready to remove it completely.