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Out Damn Spot!

Out Damn Spot!

Blocked pores, blocked skin, uneven texture and white heads are all signs of congested skin. Not all congestion is created equally.

Blackheads are actually blocked pores where the oil has oxidized and created a plug trapping the oil and dirt.

Milia (white heads) are small deposits of cholesterol trapped under the skins surface, most commonly found around the eye area.

There are many factors that contribute to congestion and breakouts:

Oil – The oil that your skin naturally produces can clog and get trapped under the surface. Especially if there is an excess of oil that isn’t flowing freely through the pore this will lead to clogging.

Dead skin cells – If your skin is sluggish, cell turn over can slow down. These cells then get trapped in pores and congeal with the excess oil. This is the biggest contributor to blackheads in pores.

p-bacteria – The bacteria that causes acne is called p-bacteria. Without these bacteria acne doesn’t form. Oil flow alone does not cause acne; you have oily skin that is still clear.

Pollution and waste – Living in an urban environment we are constantly assaulted with pollution and dirt that fly’s through the air. Protecting our skin as much as possible still doesn’t prevent every bit of dirt adhering to our skin and adding to the congestion.

Makeup – If you’re not using a mineral makeup that allows your skin to breathe then it can often suffocate your skin adding to oil and causing congestion. Makeup tends to get embedded into the skin making it feel bumpy under the surface. Without a thorough exfoliation this can be hard to shift.

Pores – Often the focus of congested skin. They are often stretched by excess oil and dirt making them appear larger.  Keep the skin clean and in great condition will help refine them.

So what’s the best way to reduce congestion on the skin?

Keep a great cleansing routine

Be diligent about your cleansing morning and night. Always wash your makeup off at night and then cleanse the skin again to get it clean. Using a natural non-stripping cleanser won’t irritate the skin or cause more oil to be produced.

Exfoliate regularly

Congested skin is sluggish and cells find it harder to shed properly, getting trapped. Exfoliating regularly, 2-3 times a week is necessary to keep the skin clear of excess cells sitting on the surface. This will also lift any excess makeup embedded in the skin.

Use a light moisturiser

Keeping the skin lightly hydrated is essential. Without enough hydration the skin will produce more oil and become sensitized. But if your moisturizer is too heavy then it will start to clog. Choosing a non comedogenic moisturizer with a base of Jojoba oil will allow your skin breathe and feel balanced throughout the day.

Wear mineral makeup

Simply switching your makeup to be mineral based will make a big difference to your skin. Traditional makeup can be full of silicon and mineral oils that suffocate the skin. Minerals allow the skin to breath and don’t congest the skin. They are easily washed off with your cleansing routine without leaving traces of dirt.

Diet and lifestyle

Having a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water to flush out your system really helps. Sugar is the biggest contributor to acne as the body tries to detox itself through the skin. Keeping a diet high in fresh produce will keep your body free of toxins that will eventually make their out, often via your skin.

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