What is a beauty mask?

Masks are an intense concentration of ingredients that can be used to help correct skin conditions.

Why should I use a mask?

Masks are a great way to mimic in beauty salon results between professional facials. Masks give the skin either a boost or a deep clean to assist with treating skin conditions.

What’s in a mask?

Masks can be clay based (usually for deep cleaning and calming) or full of nourishing oils and butters for deep hydration. Additional to these bases antioxidants are added to treat certain skin conditions, giving an intense treatment. At Belinda Hughes we strive to find the best products that only contain the best natural plant based ingredients.

How often should I use a mask?

They can be used 1-3 times a week, depending on the product and the condition you’re treating. Each product will have it’s own directions so be sure to read the label before use.

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