What is a supplement?

A dietary supplement is a substance that can benefit the health of your skin from the inside out. It has the form of gels, liquids, pills, capsules, or powders. These products can contain various herbs, amino acids, vitamins, or minerals. They can be a perfect addition to your dietary. 

Why should I use a supplement?

Nutrition can not always cover all vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to guarantee the best possible skin. Therefore, supplements help as a substitute and can help with high concentrated formulas that may boost your overall skin health. 

What’s in a supplement?

The content of a supplement depends on the needs of the skin and the different loads of ingredients within the products. Highly beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and herbs may enhance your skin from the inside. Various products at Belinda Hughes contain the power of these properties, such as the range from Vita Sol. Focusing on Acne-prone skins, Zilch Acne provides a great natural solution. 

How often should I use supplements?

The usage is depended on the type of product and the individual recommendation of the supplier or expert in the clinic. 

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Showing all 15 results