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Aejlis Miracle Makeup Remover removes all traces of your makeup quickly and gently using just water! Featuring an innovative micro-woven fabric that quickly and gently lifts all makeup including waterproof mascara.

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About The Miracle Makeup Remover Cloth

Miracle Makeup Remover removes all traces of your makeup quickly and gently using just water! Featuring an innovative micro-woven fabric that quickly and gently lifts all makeup including waterproof mascara. The MMR cloth is gentle on your skin, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Avoid harsh chemicals found in disposable wipes and makeup removing products. The MMR cloth is machine washable, fast drying and long lasting. Packaged in a stylish cosmetic bag, it is light weight and ideal for traveling.

Removing your makeup has never been so easy! Eliminate the need for makeup removing wipes and lotions. With the Miracle Makeup Remover cloth all you need is water. It gently lifts makeup and dirt with ease, keeping your skin fresh and clean. Disposable wipes and makeup removing products contain multiple toxins and impact on the environment. The MMR is reusable, chemical free and eco friendly. The light weight and fast drying material is ideal for traveling.

The Miracle Makeup Remover Instructions

  1. Wet the MMR cloth with warm water.
  2. Wipe away your makeup quickly and easily.
  3. Rinse the MMR and hang to dry via the hanging tag.

TIP: For waterproof mascara hold the MMR over your lashes for a few seconds before wiping.

Is The Miracle Makeup Remover Suitable For All Skin Types?

Yes! The Miracle Makeup Remover is a specially designed microfibre which is suitable for the majority of skin types. As it uses only water to remove makeup you also avoid harmful chemicals found in disposable wipes and lotions.

Should I Use Warm Water?

We recommend using warm water on your cloth as this helps to lift makeup quickly.

TIP: For waterproof mascara hold the moist cloth over your closed eyelids for a few seconds before wiping away.

How Do I Clean The Miracle Makeup Remover?

The MMR is machine washable. It can also be rinsed by hand under warm water for in-between washes. The fabric is fast drying and long lasting.

What Is The Miracle Makeup Remover Made Of?

The MMR features an innovative micro-woven fabric made from a combination of Polyester and Polyamide.

How Often Should I Replace My Cloth?

The MMR is long lasting and can be used over and over. With daily use we recommend replacing your cloth every year.

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