Organic Spa Pro Renewal Cream


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Organic Spa Pro Renewal Cream is formulated to help protect and defend the skin against environmental stresses while nourishing and rejuvenating the complexion.

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About Organic Spa Pro Renewal Cream

Organic Spa Pro Renewal Cream is formulated to help protect and defend the skin against environmental stresses while nourishing and rejuvenating the complexion. The rich moisturiser has key organic actives which help encourage healthy skin cell development, purify the complexion from toxins and aid in renewing the skin texture.

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Skin Type

Suitable for dry, dehydrated and mature skin types.


Apply a small amount to face and neck. To be used daily morning or night.

Key Ingredients

Apium Graveolens (Celery) Callus Extract (Apium)

Derived from the whole plant of the celery, the stem cell extract aids in stimulating the production of new collagen, improves the density of skin and protects the DNA of the skin from damages by oxidative stress. The in-vivo results show a reduction in number of wrinkles -23% and skin roughness by -12%, helping to provide a more youthful, smoother appearance.

Hydrolyzed F-Fucoidan (Fucoreverse)

Sourced from the Iroise Sea in France, the fucoidans are extracted from the Laminaria Algae. The fucoidans play a structure role in the cell walls of the algae – protecting, restoring and rebuilding the algae tissue after storms. In the skin the fucoidans acts by protecting the deterioration of the extracellular matrix; as a repairing agent stimulating the metabolism of the fibroblasts and collagen synthesis. The in-vivo results saw a decrease in depth of crows feet wrinkles by 9.1% on average and a reduction in main wrinkles of up to -18.9%

Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract (Purisoft)

Sourced from the pods of the Moringa tree (horse raddish tree) which is native to India. This natural peptide extracted from the seeds in the pod have dual activity on the skin by protecting the cells against aggression’s by pollutants and purifying the skin by removing micro particles that asphyxiate the complexion. Clinical study showed a reduction in particle pollution of 52% after applying Purisoft in a lotion after cleansing.

About Organic Spa

Developed in the pristine shire of Byron Bay Australia, each product combines locally sourced ingredients with extracts sourced from fair trade suppliers around the world. Their environmental footprint is also considered with eco-friendly packaging that is not only recyclable but in some cases the components are biodegradable. The exclusive range has been formulated using the best nature offers with vitamins, oils and actives that ensure each product and treatment are results-driven. organicspa is your guarantee of purity.

organicspa’s key belief is to create luxury products through nature. 

When developing the products over 10 years ago it was noticed that people’s perception was that natural products do not have a luxurious feel or are not effective. organicspa was developed to demystify this myth.

Part of their ethos is to ensure our products have a low ecological footprint, as such we have chosen environmentally friendly packaging to help us achieve this.

+Biodegradable tubes.

+100% recyclable bottles.

+Recycled paper and bags.

+Solar powered facility insuring products are manufactured by the sun.

+Encouraging more organic faming practices.

+Supporting local farms & suppliers wherever is possible.

+Member & award winner of NSW Sustainability Program.

+Excess cardboard & packaging is offered to community services.

+Sustainability and environmental practices.

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