Skincare treatments tailored to your needs.

At Belinda Hughes we know that skin is a living organ.

All our treatments have been selected to help you achieve thick, plump, youthful skin that glows. Simplicity in skincare and treatments is the key, most of the time, less is more.

All our brands have been hand-picked by Belinda for their integrity and effectiveness. We want our clients to have the highest quality ingredients available to them to help your skin glow.

Treatments Available

Our treatments have been arranged so you can select as much or as little as you need on the day. Most of our clients visit us monthly for their full treatment but why not throw in some LED or microcurrent in between for an express lift?

Browse our menu options below:

Initial Consultation
Osmosis Infusion Pen
Celluma LED
Gua Sha
Peels Express

Ask us about our packages for LED and microcurrent in the clinic or online.