Microcurrent technology was developed by doctors in the 1970s to treat Bells Palsy patients. The microcurrent works by assisting the muscle under the skin to firm and lift after an episode where it has slackened. It is now commonly used in aesthetics for firming skin treatments.

Our Microcurrent device sends gentle waves through the skin tissue down to the muscles, stimulating ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production. These are your cells energy packs. This production drives the creation of elastin and collagen to repair your skin. When the ATP is increased in the skin it energises the muscle, giving a lifted, firmed appearance. The results are instant! You’ll love your skin over the next week, and it’s perfect the day before an event.

From a quick lift (which can be booked weekly) to adding a full facial and additional modality’s our treatments are wide and varied. So much more than just a lift!

Treatments available:

Microcurrent Lift (30mins) – $110
Microcurrent Facial (50mins) – $149
Microcurrent Facial + Gua Sha (50mins) – $199
Microcurrent Facial + LED (60mins) – $199
Microcurrent Facial + Gua Sha + LED (75mins) – $229