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Skincare Consultation

Skincare Consultation

A skincare consultation is key to making the right choice for your skin. Large beauty counters can give you the highlights of different products they’ve been briefed on, but they can’t tell you your skin type or condition and match ingredients in products to get you the results you’re after. It’s a bit like buying blind and hoping for the best.

Getting recommendations from friends can be hand as well, but you end up having the same problems. It’s extremely frustrating at the moment not being able to get to see your local beauty professional, but we’re still here to help! Using tools like FaceTime and Zoom we are able to have a chat and ask key questions about your skin and see you through the screen. This gives our trained eyes a really good idea of what’s going on without having to see you in person.

What to expect during a skincare consultation

We offer free skin chats as our skincare consultation at the clinic to help you find the correct products for your skin. You will find a wide range of skincare products to suit nearly all skin conditions and budgets. We even offer Afterpay to get you started.

At the clinic, we are passionate about helping you get the best skin of your life. When you’re on a call with us we will ask you about your skin and what you are currently using. We also dive into your lifestyle habits to make sure we cover all bases. Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with a million products, we believe less is more. Most of our clients are on a highly curated routine with only 3-4 products.

We can’t wait to hear from you and help you with your skin! Get in touch on our contact form to book a skincare consultation with us today. Follow Belinda on Instagram for daily skincare tips and product advice.