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Stop Wasting Money on Skin care!

Stop Wasting Money on Skin care!

Why would a beauty therapist tell you to stop buying skincare?!

Almost every client that comes to me tells me how they have a cupboard full of stuff they barely use or alternate and are frustrated with how their skin not improving. Because of this wasted money they also feel reluctant to purchase more product, even though their current products aren’t working. I totally get it.
I would love it if no woman had to waste another cent on inappropriate, ineffective skincare ever again. Unfortunately big cosmetics producers with big marketing budgets suck us in with those shiny cosmetic counters and bright lights time and again. Not to mention your co-worker, mothers group friend or neighbor peddling the latest ‘miracle cream’ from home, but that’s another blog.
We’re flooded with information but have little to zero guidance on what is best for our skin.

So what are we supposed to do?

Firstly, always get professional advice from your local beauty therapist. Skin clinics have products with a higher percentage of active ingredients that actually achieve results in the skin. Also a beauty therapist is trained to look at your skin and give you the right match of product on your skin. Going to get advice for your oily skin usually results in sales assistants directing you to the ‘oily skin’ ranges, when in fact your skin could actually be dehydrated, and only a skilled therapist with a diploma in skin science can pick this. Without these expertise to properly diagnose your skin, the recommendations are a guess at best.

Changing skin

The good news is with the correct guidance it’s not hard to turn skin around in a short amount of time. Simply adding in a potent vitamin serum or getting onto the correct basics (cleanser + moisturizer) skin starts to correct itself in a week or two. Combine this with a professional facial to clean and kick start your skin and you’re in business.
Clients are always amazed at how easy it is to achieve great skin after just a few weeks. The only secret is finding the right advice.

Will it cost me the earth?

Going to a professional skin therapist is daunting. Paying for a facial service and professional product must cost more than going to the beauty counter, right? No! You will SAVE money. Yes paying for a service is extra on top of product, but how much are you paying for product that doesn’t do anything? Counter cosmetics can cost anywhere from $60-$300 for a moisturizer, and only contain 10% or less active ingredients. That’s a lot of money for a jar of water, fillers and perfume.
Professional cosmetics can start as little as $35 and go up to around $110 on average. This is for basic moisturizers and professional strength serums that make a real change to the skin in a few weeks. Professional cosmetic contain upwards of 80% active ingredients. That’s a massive difference in price to performance. Plus the bonus is a professional has looked at your skin and given you exactly what you need. No more guessing!
So after reading this I hope I’ve empowered you to get a skincare routine that works so you can stop wasting money on cosmetics.

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