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That was 2020 – to the future!

That was 2020 – to the future!

2020 ended up being the year of change, dare I say it, for the better?

We ‘pivoted’ (sorry I will never use that word again) to Zoom consultations, bought all our skincare online and somehow I ended up being a sought after beauty writer. All previous dreams came true in that respect. I also technically expanded the business with a new NSW location on the coast and more brands joining the clinic.

So it wasn’t all that bad. Everyone is loving the new zoom consultation format and it allows me to reach potential clients further than just our local area, next year I will be expanding and formalizing the program. This we stayed home and traded online, this was your top 5 you were loving this year;

Roccoco Pore Cleansing Oil

Roccoco Pore Cleansing Oil available from Belinda Hughes

Organic Spa Cream Cleanser

Organicspa Cream Cleanser available online from Belinda Hughes

Organic Spa Intense Moisture

Organicspa Intense Moisture available online from Belinda Hughes

Organic Spa Day Moisturiser

Organicspa Day Moisturiser available online from Belinda Hughes

Zilch Acne Formula

Zilch Acne Formula available from Belinda Hughes

Organic Spa was a hit this year; I seriously couldn’t keep it on the shelf, which is amazing. It’s understandable why, a product that is so gentle yet effective deserves the top spots. Not to mention it’s certified organic as well as sustainable, it ticks all the boxes. It kind of fit into the theme of the year with our need for nurturing.

That was briefly the year that was, now for next year.

Predictions for 2021, because this is really why you’re reading this.

I think at home beauty will still be big and our homes will continue to be our sanctuaries.

Self-care at home, people will want their bathrooms kitted out for that luxury time at home. Bath and body products along with candles will continue to grow, as ‘at home culture’ is here to stay for a while.

Sustainability will continue to be big and just as important as ever. Not just sustainable products but packaging that gives back to the earth as well. Whether it’s through plantable seed cards or biodegradable packaging that takes care of the earth. I see it evolving that way.

‘Natural’ products will just become products and the norm. We’ve come so far with more natural formulations; they’re more and more potent and active than ever. Even the cosmeceutical skincare in the salon is free from the nasty fillers and preservatives people no longer want. This is how it should be.

I feel like ‘wellness’ will evolve (again). But in a good way, wellness took a dark turn down conspiracy theory lane this year and the more extreme ends have broken away. We don’t have to ‘mourn’ the loss of ‘wellness’ how we saw it, rather I think it’s having an evolution that was much needed. A more scientific and practical approach melded into our everyday lives, rather than something fridge that was hard and made you think about your values. This makes it more accessible now and much easier for people to integrate with, and sets you up to succeed. Beauty wellness supplements will continue to grow and expand becoming a natural part of our routines.

Of course I could be completely wrong and we could be in for more of a sh*t show, but for now perhaps we can at least try to take our lessons from 2020 and turn our lives into something better, more evolved. May the force be with you.

That was 2020 – to the future!