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Treating Acne

Treating Acne

When it comes to treating acne, I’ve personally found (after decades of experience) that a holistic approach works best. Sure you can peel your face off and it’ll go away for about 6 weeks, but if you’re not treating the root cause (HINT: it’s not on your face) the battle will just continue. The same goes for A-bombing your system with medications, the underlying condition will continue.


So what do I look for when treating acne? Firstly I work out exactly what’s going on with you, inside and out. We do a thorough consultation and go through diet, lifestyle, how your acne is presenting on your skin, this gives me enough information to work out where to begin. There could be several things going on with severe acne or, a client could be really concerned about their one pimple a month. I treat all accordingly and there’s no cookie cutter one size fits all solution. You’re definitely not just directed to the products marked ‘for acne’ on my shelf. I stock a range of products for this reason, depending on your acne, sensitivity and oil flow, each person will require a different treatment.

Treating Acne Holistically

Then we talk about skin supplements. At the clinic we also have a range of supplements that are available over the counter for treating skin conditions. Training is provided by the various Drs and Nutritionists that make these products and my Diploma in Beauty Therapy qualifies me to discuss these basic lifestyle tweaks and recommend over the counter products. Over the years additional training has made me aware of how different things effect and trigger our hormones and also our sebaceous glands that can make acne worse. These supplements are designed to specifically bring these back into balance in relation to your skin. Approaching skin from internal as well as topical is where the magic happens, giving us more long term results for our clients.

Finally we delve deep into cosmetic chemistry. This is key to treating acne topically. All ingredients have a comedogenic scale from 0-5, 0 being totally non pore clogging and 5 being an acne nightmare. Basically we want everything you’re using to only add up to a 2 at the most, I work this out by reading each ingredient and emulsifier in each product and selecting products that we deem ‘acne safe’. Getting rid of the pore cloggers is sometimes half the battle. Then of course we want to pick out the active ingredients that are going to treat the condition. Ingredients that oxygenate the skin, exfoliate (gently) the skin and assist with cell turn over are preferred. More is not better! This delicate balance gets us the results you’re looking for in your skin.

In The Clinic

Our acne facial in the clinic is the ideal treatment to give you monthly boosts, which includes bacteria killing blue light LED. The Osmosis Vitamin A peel is also fantastic once we have settled down the breakouts.

We are treating acne daily at our South Yarra clinic.