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Why Do I Need A Facial?

Why Do I Need A Facial?

Everyone’s heard of professional facial treatments.

But what does a facial actually do? Are they worth it? Will you end up having a Samantha experience (SATC style)?

Why Do I Need A Facial?

In the hands of an experienced professional they are necessary, non-invasive and totally worth it. Let me explain how.

Deep Cleanse

Even being religious with your routine isn’t enough to get all the makeup, dirt and congestion that build up over time. Often I will be getting old makeup out of a clients skin even after the professional exfoliation.

Clean skin also equals healthy skin. Less congestion allows the skin to function as it needs to, prevents pores from stretching and even appear smaller and makes your routine of serums and moisturizers penetrate and be more effective.


Infusing your skin deeply with vitamins and nutrients is just as important as clearing the way for them. With the advancement in technology in professional use only masks they now not just detox, but calm, soothe, plump and feed skin like never before. When you combine latest organic technology with traditional beauty methods like galvanic infusion and micro current the results can be spectacular in just one hour. Hello healthy skin!

More than a beauty counter

Nothing beats the advice you get from a trained professional with professional skin care. Unfortunately well meaning sales ladies on the beauty counters are often not qualified in skin physiology and anatomy and their job is to sell you the latest cream released whether it’s suitable for your skin or not.

A beauty or dermal therapist however can thoroughly assess your skin and make recommendations based around their years of training and experience. This will create a bespoke program of professional treatments and home care (and how to use it) designed just for you. This is only available from a trained therapist.

Beyond skin

A really good therapist should be able to make suggestions about what’s going on more than skin deep. Hormonal imbalance showing up as adult acne or a disrupted digestive system creating painful sensitivities need more than just a facial service. Your therapist should know where to refer you if they are not working with an in house practitioner. Often therapists will partner with a nearby trusted practitioner; these referrals are invaluable for painful skin conditions that need balancing from the inside.

Great skin happens by appointment

I recommend to my clients monthly facials for optimum skin health. Each appointment is tailored to your skins needs that month. Courses are also available so you can set your appointments, never miss a skin appointment again.


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